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Časlav Stanojević - life and work

Časlav Stanojević

(23.06.1928. – 10.11.2008.)
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Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

We are pleased to announce that admirers of life and work of professor Časlav Stanojević started an initiative to organize a scientific meeting in memory of prof. Stanojević, named "Časlav Stanojević - life and work".

The scientific meeting will be held on Friday, 19 November 2010th at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, as a host of the meeting together with the Mathematical Institute of SASA and the Serbian State Company of Textbooks.

The presentations/lectures at the conference should include the following topics:

  • Life time
  • The scientific contribution – a review
  • The impact of the results of professor’s work on contemporary mathematicians - successors
  • PhD Students of prof. Stanojević
  • The contribution of prof. Stanojević through networking and involvement of Serbian mathematical elite in the contemporary world trends through invitations to the U.S.A.
  • The importance of prof. Stanojević in providing current world knowledge to Serbian mathematicians through the school in Kupari and through invited lectures/professor’s work as an invited speaker
  • Časlav – the man rich in spirit.

One of the main objectives of this scientific meeting is a review and recall of the life and work of prof. Časlav Stanojević, well known and respected mathematician and a man rich in spirit, by bringing together the most influential and most respected members of the mathematical community and scientific community in general today, especially those who have collaborated with prof. Stanojević.

The organizers believe that this gathering will be interesting to prominent scientists, professors and students, as well as to everyone else and that it will represent the impetus for renewal of the existing and the acquisition and implementation of new knowledge.

The organizers especially invite close family and relatives of prof. Stanojević, scientists, collaborators, students, PhD students, guest professors in America, participants of the school in Kupari, colleagues, friends and comrades from the private life as well as all admirers of life and work of prof. Stanojević for cooperation.