Continutity - Flash Puzzle Game


Posted by milena on December 12, 2009

Continuity Is a sliding-tile puzzle platformer developed as a student project.

Players must navigate mazes by controlling the character and the structure of the world itself. The game features 32 levels with varying difficulty.
The music is created by Elias Holmlid and the tunes are freely available at his website,

World Of Go


Posted by milena on January 3, 2010

World of Goo is a physics based puzzle / construction game. The millions of Goo Balls who live in the beautiful World of Goo don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.

Download Demo Version

(12 levels)

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The Piano Cat


Posted by milena on January 26, 2010

Nora is a gray tabby cat, rescued from a shelter in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who has become famous for

"playing" the piano.


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