Ana Krivokapic: Projects

Name Description Links Languages / Technologies / Tools
FreeSpace A script which deletes old files to free up space on the file system. Source Python, Linux
OfferPriceCalc A simple Qt GUI application for performing a custom price calculation. Source code Python, PyQt, QtDesigner
UnitConverter An applet for converting units from imperial system to metric system and vice versa. Applet,
Source code
Java (J2SE), Swing, HTML, Eclipse
STIE A database driven web application for retrieving statistics from the student database of the Faculty of Mathematics. Source code C with embedded SQL, DB2
Calculator and Calendar A simple calculator and a calendar (date picker). Calculator,
Source code
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
WeatherStats A script which scrapes a web page with weather information to collect data and puts data into a database for further analysis. Runs as a cron job every hour. Source code Python, MySQL, BeautifulSoup