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Jovana Knežević

  I've become a GRADUATE! :-)

  Long time no see!

   *   Back from Munich on June 29th

   *   Spent all summer in Belgrade, studing for my exams :-(

   *   Now working on the interior of my little apartment

   *   Seven years after deciding to become a "blonde", I'm back to my natural look :-)
     [ see pics ]

  Ready to go!

  ... Well, almost...:) My plane is due in Munich on Wednesday, April 2nd, at 2.25 p. m. (the departure from Belgrade is at 12.55). The service is Lufthansa. I applied for visa, of course, and they told me that it would be ready on March 26th. The embassy officer was (in addition to not being as kind as I expected, probably because I was the hundredth one that day, or just because it was raining cats and dogs outside and I was soaking :)) suspicious about the health insurance which I did not provide here - it was said in the invitation letter that it would be provided in Germany. I tried to explain it to her, but she seemed pretty assured that I should have received some receipt or something previously. Nevertheless, she accepted my documentation. I hope it will be all right.   

  Finally my own place in the grey concrete building

  My home address has changed, just as I'd thought once upon a time . It's now: Odeska 7/3, 11000 Belgrade

  April, May and June...

  ... IS the time slot that I will spend in Munich.
   That's all for now, folks ;)   [<< home]

  My progress in German (part II)

  No further news about going to Munich, but my will to learn to communicate in German remains :), despite my hectic schedule. Since everyone who knows about my studying German asks me if I have persisted, I've decided that people are, actually, really interested in my progress and I am going to write every scrap of information about it again. If you're bored reading this, it's my friends' fault that they keep asking,,, :)
  So, I've learnt how to count from 20 to 100, get by at the post office, say what I have to do and what I would like to do, ask for items and prices, ask for the right size when trying on clothes in a clothes shop and covered plurals of nouns, the modal verb mussen, the modal ver form ich mochte, verbs with stems ending in -t, the accusative case of definite and indefinite articles. And now's the time for the revision of the first quarter of the course, doing some tests and so on...   [<< home]

  'Maskenball',  "KST",   December 29th

  Pictures say more than words... Click here :)
  Happy New Year!   [<< home]

  I'm well rid off the written part of Differential Equations

  "I see skies of blue..... clouds of white
  Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights
  And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world."

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  My progress in German

  Since I've heard the news about the scholarship, I have extra motivation for developing the basic language skills necessary to communicate in German in most everyday situations. So far, I've learnt how to: greet people, meet people and give my name, order something to drink, say please, thank you and excuse me, count from 0 to 20, ask and tell the time, say and understand when events start and finish, ask about opening and closing times, ask for something to be repeated. I've also covered the following grammar and language: the present tense of regular verbs, formal and informal ways of saying 'you', simple questions, the definite article der,die,das, the indefinite article ein,eine,ein, the subject pronoun 'it' er,sie,es, the verb sein ('to be'), negatives with nicht ('not'), the prepositions um, von...bis in time phrases, the modal verb konnen ('can', 'be able') :)   [<< home]

  Got selected for the SimLab scholarship

  Got informed that I've been selected for the SimLab scholarship funded by IGSSE. Therefore, I am welcome to TU Munich next year, for a period of 2-3 months - I've suggested April, May and June, but we'll see. I'll get contacted soon by my direct adviser concerning the topic of my research there. Wonderful news, really...   [<< home]

   Said goodbye to Probability & Statistics

   Those who know me well do know how I suffered while preparing this exam. At least it payed off. So, "What are you drinking?"
   Cheers!   :D   [<< home]

  November 2007:

  "Student's page" updated

   And, no, I'm not embarrassed anymore when somebody visits it :) Still have to check if all the links are correct...   [<< home]

  November 2007:

  Back to classes of German :)

  German is spoken by approximately 80 million people in Germany and by several million in other European countries such as Austria, Luxemburg, and the region of Alsace-Loraine in France. Other countries outside Europe where German is spoken are Canada, Brazil and the United States.
  So, hopefully, this time I'll make some more progress. I'll start with "Take Off In German" language-learning kit (OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS). It makes learning the language quick, easy and fun. The combination of book and audio is the most effective way to learn a language and the course is designed to let you progress at your own pace. You learn from dialogues and activities, gradually building up your vocabulary and grammar. The course has been written and recorded by native speakers.
  The only thing that I find confusing is the fact that it is GERMAN-ENGLISH course, so, since neither of those languages is my mother tongue, sometimes I use both German and English words in a sentence which is supposed too be "pure-German". Nevertheless, I'll try harder...   [<< home]

  October 2007:

  Have just been back from Sixth Simlab Course on Parallel Numerical Simulations

  Pictures from SimLab '07   [<< home]

  June 2007 - "news flash":

  Will be moving to my own apartment in Odeska Street by the beginning of the year 2008   [<< home]

  May 2007:

  "Primatijada", Struga, MACEDONIA   [<< home]