[rx:tx] Live recordings from Belgrade's 'Dis-Patch' festival

by various artists

A selection of live recordings from Belgrade's Dis-patch festival (2002-2004), acc. by a booklet booklet with photos from the festival and a text by critic of magazine Vreme Ivan Jevic. It features 22 live recordings from the past festivals. This is a coproduction with Belgradeyard Sound System.

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01. Marc Marcovic - Le Chant Est Deja Commence?
02. Davide Balula - Iris Em Arco
03. Colleen - The Accordion Song
04. Icarus - Dis-Patch Interlude
05. Tujiko Noriko - Call My Name
06. AGF - My Most Amazing New Patch
07. Tarwater - Tesla
08. Radian - Nahfeld
09. Dictaphone - Cherry
10. Belgradeyard Sound System - Sucking On A Bong
11. Chicago Underground Trio - Othello
12. Rechenzentrum - Quajaq Totale Extended
13. Aoki Takamasa - Untitled
14. Pita - Dis-Patch Tamper
15. Information - Plot Radio (Beograd Plug)
16. Monolake - Arte
17. Murcof - Mo
18. P.O.S. - Work In Progress
19. Wang Inc. - Backwood Roads Are Like Snakes
20. Rechenzentrum - Synchron
21. Luomo - Visitor
22. AGF - Birdland
Electronic music festivals of different conceptions are being held
each month for the past ten or more years around the globe,
strengthening the "infrastructure" of the global electronic music
scene. We are not surprised that the biggest events are being held
in places so distant and diverse such as Berlin, Barcelona, Montreal,
Rome, Helsinki, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and so on. But who
would have thought that "experimental" electronic musicians would
be soon traveling across what is known as "East Europe", even on a
regular basis? In this region, where music markets are highly
undeveloped, and where Western mainstream is considered
underground when opposed to the local mutant-folk, the Dis-patch
festival in Belgrade (Serbia) is one of the key stops on the route.
An annual event, it was established in October 2002, initiated and
fully and independently produced by the small team of Belgradeyard
Sound System collective. Through their weekly live radio show
(running for 5 years now), concerts and events they promoted as
well as their own concerts and DJ sets, they aimed to promote
independent music of all styles, but when it came to starting a
festival, focus was moved to electronic music: an alternative to the
wide-spread belief among the local audience - that electronic dance
music is the only form of this genre - was necessary. Which does
not mean that they have applied this choice literally, without
opening their ears outside of the electronic: the latest Dis-patch
festival hosted artists as diverse as Kid 606, Colleen, Icarus, Davide
Balula, Chicago Underground Trio or T. Raumschmiere band.

Across its three editions held until now, Dis-patch improved and
extended the program, also putting up lengthy workshops,
international exhibitions, lectures and special events. Each year
more than 30 artists from 10 different countries take part,
discovering the "virgin" audience and experiencing the energy which
is increasingly absent at many international events. The music is not
presented in the context of "clubs", but alternative locations and art
venues, moving each night across town, seeking for a concert-like
setting and presenting the complementary aspects from the realms
of digital arts scene.

The LIVE aspect of music was always the most important one.
Being almost the only local promoters who stressed the fact that
"DJ-ing" is not the only way to perform electronic music, they
always selected artists who were known to be unique live
performers, or the ones who they have checked out personally. We
are now presenting a part of this selection, through 22 exclusive
and unreleased live recordings made at the first three festival
editions, by 20 different artists.

Some of the now legendary performances were not recorded for
technical reasons (Jamie Lidell, Kevin Blechdom, Vladislav Delay,
Sutekh), but on the other hand AGF and Rechenzentrum are
presented with two tracks each, as they are one of the people who
developed a special relationship with the local audience. This
compilation shows the wide scope of artists who were invited,
spanning from noise, just "electronica", glitch, minimal techno,
ambient or spoken word to post-rock, acoustic instrumentation,
punk and even jazz. We are left with an all-star list of the
contemporary scene! It is a rare opportunity to present LIVE
recordings from these artists, which makes this compilation even
more important, reminding us of the duality of musician's recorded
and live outputs, which are not always equally accomplished or

Dis-patched compilation is showing that the pioneers of the scenes
in the region have finally met up and made constructive contact:
rx:tx and Dis-patch have collaborated on putting up several events
in both cities, and now the recordings from Belgrade are being
released by the Ljubljana based-label, "pointing its antennae
everywhere". The double digipak CD is accompanied by a
12-page booklet, with liner notes and exclusive photographs by
Vesna Pavlovi-- and other authors. For full info about the Dis-patch
festivals, including rich photo-history, visit www.dis-patch.com.

rx:tx the label from
the southeast with antennae
pointed everywhere

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