Paralelni prevod
n1: Since our departure from Zanzibar, half our beasts of burden would have died with fatigue. We should be looking like ghosts ourselves, and despair would be seizing on our hearts. We should be in continual squabbles with our guides and porters, and completely exposed to their unbridled brutality. During the daytime, a damp, penetrating, unendurable humidity! At night, a cold frequently intolerable, and the stings of a kind of fly whose bite pierces the thickest cloth, and drives the victim crazy! All this, too, without saying any thing about wild beasts and ferocious native tribes!" n1: Od {Zanzibara} dovde pocrkala bi od umora polovina nasxe zaprezxne stoke.Mi bismo izgledali kao aveti i u dusxu bi nam se uvuklo ocyajanxe.Sem toga,stalno bismo morali da se borimo sa vodicyima i nosacyima nxihovom grubosti koja,pak,ne zna za granice.Danxu - vlazxne,nepodnosxlxive i ubistvene vrucxine!Nocxu - zima koja se tesxko podnosi,pa plikovi od ujeda muva cyije rilice probijaju i najdeblxe platno a cyovek prosto da izludi!A da ne govorimo o zverima i krvozxednim crnacykim plemenima!
n2: "Very seldom: the height of the African mountains appears to be quite moderate compared with that of the European and Asiatic ranges; but, in any case, our good Victoria will find no difficulty in passing over them." n2: -Retko! {Africyke} planine su nizxe od {evropskih} i {azijskih}. Medxutim, kakve su da su, {Viktorija} cxe ih precxi.
n3:The sun shone at the zenith, and his rays fell perpendicularly upon those lonely summits. The doctor took an accurate design of these mountains, which form four distinct ridges almost in a straight line, the northernmost being the longest. n3:{Sunce} se zxarilo u zenitu i nxegovi zraci su padali upravno na puste planinske vrhove. Doktor nacyini skicu planina, koje imaju [cyetri] odelita venca porecxana skoro po pravoj liniji, a najduzxi je severni.