At the moment I am a student at Mathematics Faculty, Theoretical Mathematics and Applications. I am a freshman. I have many interests. I like computers, and maintain computer systems a little, as well as networks, when I get a chance. I also like movies, as well as books. I am connected to the Internet since 1997, I think, and from January '98 I have my presentation at address . On that presentation is, execept somethings about me, reviews of different movies I've seen. I've seen much more movies, but I don't have the time to write about all of them, so there are only a few movies I've seen lately. Apart all this, I like English language, and am studying it since I was 5. I am into computers since '95 (not that long). I have graduated from Srednja - Tehnicka Skola - Politehnicka Akademija in Novi Beograd, Technician of Numericaly Controlled Machines (NUMA). During 4th year of high school, I had the oportunity to handle the school (computer) network, so I got some experience. School server was working under operative system Win NT 3.51 Server, and it served some 20 computers. Today it is 30 computers. During the recent aggression, I worked in NET Center, on project Istina (The Truth), that was the official web site of Belgrade Crisis Headquarters, although it isn't true is was so. Later, still during the aggression, I worked a little, with the team of enthusiasts on a project, site, digit011, that was (should have been), commercial and news site of (Assembly) of city of Belgrade. The same team made a CD "NATO AGGRESSION AGAINST YUGOSLAVIA", as well as magazine with CD "ECOCIDE". Afterwards the team retreated, until rejoining. I am not working on projects right now, but hoping something might come up. I suppose you think I could have bothered with this site design a bit. However, considering the fact this is the personal site, which purpose is to say a few words about me, no need. I think that "simple" is the best, no complication.