Greetings to everyone reading this

Presumably, since you're looking at this page, you already know my name, but nevertheless, I shall introduce myself to you.

I'm Ilija Knezevic from Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia, at the time occupied in the first place with completing my studies at the Faculty of Mathematics on Belgrade University.

This page is a temporary solution, put on the net until I finish my presentation, or at least until I complete one representative part of it. For the time being, I can give you some hints how should it look.

As I said, I live in Belgrade, an ancient city with unfortunately great history of demolition, but nevertheless the city whose roots were old even in the time of the great Roman Empire. Of course, I'm not as much occupied with ancient history (although it is much more interesting to me than events which took place in a few latest centuries), so I shall try to show Belgrade the way it looks now, rather than it looked in some other time.

I enjoy reading, especially science fiction novels, so I hope that there will be enough time to give you a survey of some of the greatest writers of that kind of literature.

A special place will be reserved for one particular writer who wrote true fiction (although not science fiction), J.R.R. Tolkien, and his masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings.

Besides mentioned, I am interested in the computers and every possible use of them, and as much I like to play a game of basketball or tennis, or go from my beloved city to the stillness of the country whenever I can spare a moment for that.

Well, that's about everything for now. This page will be removed when I have done something of the mentioned, and in the meantime, if you want to contact me, my e-mail address is


I have almost forgotten to mention two of the most popular kinds of entertainment: music and movies.

Not to speak too much about it now, I'll just say that my favorite musician is Freddie Mercury, and that I shall probably say something about the Serbian folk music.

As for the movies, as I said I am the great SF admirer, but still the best movie I have ever seen is Lawrence of Arabia, and very close to it are The Godfather, Nikita (original French version), and The Night on Earth.