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This is a personal site of Danilo Šegan: student of mathematics and physics at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

The contents of this site are my preparatory notes, experimental physics reports, and other miscellanea: but only in Serbian language. If you don't know a word of Serbian, believe me that you will not miss much. Actually, if there's anything that I created that really might be interesting to a wider audience, it will be available over my works page at Kvota.net.

There you will also find how to contact me, and maybe some of the software, fonts, and documentation that I wrote or contributed to.

Besides mathematics and physics, some of my great affections are computer programming and computer publishing and typography. On all of those, I repeat, visit Kvota.net.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hope to hear from you.

© 2002 -- Danilo Šegan: pročitajte objavu