P a r a l e l n i      p r e v o d


Doktorova naredba bi izvrsxena. Jedva primetni lahor povodio je {Viktoriju} basx prema zaroblxeniku. Gas se visxe nije sxirio te balon pocye da se spusxta okupan svetlosxcxu. Cyitavih [deset] minuta lebdeo je kao u oreolu. {Ferguson} je svetlosxcxu zasenxivao rulxu i zxivi svetlosni krugovi sa neba toliko su zaplasxili pleme da lxudi poletesxe glavacyke u kolibe i prostor oko stuba opuste. Videlo se da je doktor s pravom racyunao na utisak neocyekivane pojave {Viktorije} koja baca suncyane zrake kroz neprozirnu tminu.

Korpa se priblizxavala zemlxi. Nekoliko odvazxnijih crnaca shvatisxe da cxe im oteti zaroblxenika i vratisxe se uz strasxnu dreku.{Kenedi} dizxe pusxku, ali mu doktor naredi da ne puca.

Svesxtenik, klecyasxe, jer nije imao snage da ustane. Vezan nije bio, jer iscrplxen i izmucyen ne bi mogao pobecxi. Cyim je korpa dodirnula tle, lovac spusti pusxku, dohvati misionara u narucyje i uvucye ga u balon, dok je {Dyo} brzo izbacio [dve stotine] funti balasta.


The doctor's order was executed. An almost imperceptible breath of air impelled the balloon directly over the prisoner, at the same time that it gently lowered with the contraction of the gas. For about ten minutes it remained floating in the midst of luminous waves, for Ferguson continued to flash right down upon the throng his glowing sheaf of rays, which, here and there, marked out swift and vivid sheets of light. The tribe, under the influence of an indescribable terror, disappeared little by little in the huts, and there was complete solitude around the stake. The doctor had, therefore, been right in counting upon the fantastic appearance of the balloon throwing out rays, as vivid as the sun's, through this intense gloom.

The car was approaching the ground; but a few of the savages, more audacious than the rest, guessing that their victim was about to escape from their clutches, came back with loud yells, and Kennedy seized his rifle. The doctor, however, besought him not to fire.

The priest, on his knees, for he had not the strength to stand erect, was not even fastened to the stake, his weakness rendering that precaution superfluous. At the instant when the car was close to the ground, the brawny Scot, laying aside his rifle, and seizing the priest around the waist, lifted him into the car, while, at the same moment, Joe tossed over the two hundred pounds of ballast.