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Conway's game of life using d3.js lib

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saobracajne nezgode 2014

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Motivation, geojson and d3.js lib

Geojson files for Serbia and other countries in region

I've searched for official vector data (shape files) for Serbia and countries in region, but to no avail (perhaps there is some data but shape files are not official for some reason) so I've decided to make my own maps (data collected from natural earth and ajusted for my purpose). What I needed were shape files (shp) so I can convert them to geojson format in order to make some visualisation with d3.js lib. Here I'll post prepared data files in geojson format for others who want to work with d3 lib. If you want to convert this files to topojson format you can do that with [node topojson lib] - to install it try : sudo npm install topojson : assuming you have npm (node packet manager and node installed on your system - *linux). if you find this files useful and I've spared you some time to ajust this data, backlink to this page would be awesome! So without further ado here is what you can find here:

[NOTE:] If you do the conversion to topojson feel free to send me files and I'll post them here with credits.

Serbia regions geojson d3 map

Here is an example of Serbia regions in d3.js based on geojson data I've prepared from natural earth data in d3.js lib. Serbia regions geojson :: 1:10M. For more examples check out Serbia map with Kosovo data-sets and Serbia map without Kosovo data-sets

geojson files for Serbia reginal map can be found here Serbia-Kosovo regional geojson also check out other geojson files and d3 map examples for countries in region. (click on links at the bottom to find other maps or in the nav menu at the top).

About geojson data and d3 maps

Shape files where collected mostly from natural earth data (1:10Million) as I've mentioned and d3 maps (examples I've crafted are in albers conic projection) also if you're interested, standard country codes (needed to extract data from shp file) can be found here iso 3166-1 alpha-3 codes.

geojson data - Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro