AIX Version 4.3 Base Operating System and Extensions Technical Reference, Volume

pthread_join, or pthread_detach Subroutine


Blocks the calling thread until the specified thread terminates.


Threads Library (libpthreads.a)



int pthread_join (pthread_t thread, void


int pthread_detach (pthread_t thread;



The pthread_join subroutine blocks the calling thread until the thread thread
terminates. The target thread's termination status is returned in the status

If the target thread is already terminated, but not yet detached, the subroutine
returns immediately. It is impossible to join a detached thread, even if it is
not yet terminated. The target thread is automatically detached after all joined
threads have been woken up.

This subroutine does not itself cause a thread to be terminated. It acts like the
pthread_cond_wait subroutine to wait for a special condition.

    Note: The pthread.h header file must be the first included file of each
    source file using the threads library. Otherwise, the -D_THREAD_SAFE
    compilation flag should be used, or the cc_r compiler used. In this case, the
    flag is automatically set.

The pthread_detach subroutine is used to indicate to the implementation that
storage for the thread whose thread ID is in the location thread can be reclaimed
when that thread terminates. This storage shall be reclaimed on process exit,
regardless of whether the thread has been detached or not, and may include
storage for thread return value. If thread has not yet terminated, pthread_detach
shall not cause it to terminate. Multiple pthread_detach calls on the same target
thread causes an error.


thread Specifies the target thread.

status Points to where the termination status of the target thread will be
stored. If the value is NULL, the termination status is not returned.

Return Values

If successful, the pthread_join function returns zero. Otherwise, an error number
is returned to indicate the error.

Error Codes

The pthread_join and pthread_detach functions will fail if:

EINVAL The implementation has detected that the value specified by thread does
not refer to a joinable thread.

ESRCH No thread could be found corresponding to that specified by the given
thread ID.

The pthread_join function will fail if:

EDEADLK The value of thread specifies the calling thread.

The pthread_join function will not return an error code of EINTR.

Implementation Specifics

This subroutine is part of the Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

The pthread_exit subroutine, pthread_create subroutine, wait subroutine,
pthread_cond_wait or pthread_cond_timedwait subroutines, the pthread.h file.

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