pthread_cond_destroy Subroutine


Deletes a condition variable.


Threads Library (libpthreads.a)



int pthread_cond_destroy (condition)
pthread_cond_t *condition;


The pthread_cond_destroy subroutine deletes the condition variable
condition. After deletion of the condition variable, the condition
parameter is not valid until it is initialized again by a call to
the pthread_cond_init subroutine.

Note:	The pthread.h header file must be the first included file of
each source file using the threads library.


condition	Specifies the condition variable to delete.

Return Values

Upon successful completion, 0 is returned. Otherwise, an error code
is returned.

Error Codes

The pthread_cond_destroy subroutine is unsuccessful if the following
is true:

EBUSY	The condition variable condition is referenced by another thread.

EINVAL	The condition parameter is not valid.

Implementation Specifics

This subroutine is part of the Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

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