mpxlf_r - Invokes a shell script to compile Fortran programs and link
  them into a threaded environment.
  mpxlf_r [xlf_flags]... program.f
  The mpxlf_r shell script compiles Fortran programs while linking in
  the Partition Manager, the threaded implementation of Message Passing
  Interface (MPI), and Low-level Applications Programming Interface
  Note:  Only one thread can run a Fortran program.
  Any of the compiler flags normally accepted by the xlf command can
  also be used on mpxlf_r.  For a complete listing of these flag
  options, refer to the manual page for the xlf command.  Typical
  options to mpxlf_r include:
  -v             causes a "verbose" output listing of the shell script.
  -g             Produces an object file with symbol table references.
                 This object file is needed for debugging with the pdbx
                 and pedb debuggers, and is also needed by the Source
                 Code view of the Visualization Tool.
  -o             names the executable.
  -l (lower-case L)
                 names additional libraries to be searched.  Several
                 libraries are automatically included, and are listed
                 below in the FILES section.
                 Note:  Not all AIX libraries are thread safe.  Verify
                        that your intended use is supported.
  -I (upper-case i)
                 names directories for additional includes.  The
                 directory /usr/lpp/ppe.poe/include is automatically
  -p             enables profiling with the prof command.  For more
                 information, see the appendix on "Profiling Programs"
                 in IBM Parallel Environment for AIX: Operation and Use,
                 Volume 2, Tools Reference.
  -pg            enables profiling with the xprofiler and gprof
                 commands.  For more information, see the "Xprofiler"
                 chapter and the appendix on "Profiling Programs" in IBM
                 Parallel Environment for AIX: Operation and Use, Volume
                 2, Tools Reference.
  The mpxlf_r shell script calls the xlf compiler.  In addition, the
  Partition Manager and data communication interfaces are automatically
  linked in.  The script creates an executable that dynamically binds
  with the communication subsystem libraries.  If you wish to create a
  statically bound application, use the instructions in "Creating a
  Static Executable" in IBM Parallel Environment for AIX: Operation
  and Use, Volume 1, Using the Parallel Operating Environment in place
  of this script.
  Flags are passed by mpxlf_r to the xlf command, so any of the xlf
  options can be used on the mpxlf_r shell script.  The communication
  subsystem library implementation is dynamically linked when you invoke
  the executable using the poe command.  The value specified by the
  MP_EUILIB environment variable or the -euilib flag will then determine
  which communication subsystem library implementation is dynamically
  MP_PREFIX           sets an alternate path to the scripts library.  If
                      not set or NULL, the standard path
                      /usr/lpp/ppe.poe is used.  If this environment
                      variable is set, then all libraries are prefixed
                      by $MP_PREFIX/ppe.poe.
  To compile a Fortran program, enter:
    mpxlf_r program.f -o program
  When you compile a program using mpxlf_r, the following libraries are
  automatically selected:
      /usr/lpp/ppe.poe/lib/libmpi_r.a  (Message passing interface,
      collective communication routines)
      /usr/lpp/ppe.poe/lib/libvtd_r.a  (VT tracing subsystem)
      /usr/lpp/ppe.poe/lib/libppe_r.a  (PE common routines)
      /usr/lpp/ppe.poe/lib/libc_r.a  (POE version of libc_r.a)
      The following library is selected if it exists as a symbolic link
      to /usr/lpp/ssp/css/lib/liblapi_r.a:
  Note:  Fortran Version, specifically the library libxlf90_t.a,
         must be available for both linking and execution.
  Commands:  mpcc_r(1), xlf(1), pdbx(1), pedb(1), vt(1), xprofiler(1)