CIV. Standard PHP Library (SPL) Functions


SPL is a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve standard problems.


To be written.

Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.


RIT_SELF_FIRST (integer)




Table of Contents
ArrayIterator::current --  Return current array entry
ArrayIterator::hasMore --  Check whether array contains more entries
ArrayIterator::key --  Return current array key
ArrayIterator::next --  Move to next entry
ArrayIterator::rewind --  Rewind array back to the start
ArrayObject::__construct -- 
ArrayObject::getIterator --  Create a new iterator from a ArrayObject instance
DirectoryIterator::__construct --  Constructs a new dir iterator from a path.
DirectoryIterator::current --  Return this (needed for Iterator interface)
DirectoryIterator::fileATime --  Get last access time of file
DirectoryIterator::fileCTime --  Get inode modification time of file
DirectoryIterator::fileGroup --  Get file group
DirectoryIterator::fileInode --  Get file inode
DirectoryIterator::fileMTime --  Get last modification time of file
DirectoryIterator::fileOwner --  Get file owner
DirectoryIterator::filePerms --  Get file permissions
DirectoryIterator::fileSize --  Get file size
DirectoryIterator::fileType --  Get file type
DirectoryIterator::getChildren --  Returns an iterator for the current entry if it is a directory
DirectoryIterator::getFilename --  Return filename of current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::getPath --  Return directory path
DirectoryIterator::getPathname --  Return path and filename of current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::hasMore --  Check whether dir contains more entries
DirectoryIterator::isDir --  Returns true if file is directory
DirectoryIterator::isDot --  Returns true if current entry is '.' or '..'
DirectoryIterator::isExecutable --  Returns true if file is executable
DirectoryIterator::isFile --  Returns true if file is a regular file
DirectoryIterator::isLink --  Returns true if file is symbolic link
DirectoryIterator::isReadable --  Returns true if file can be read
DirectoryIterator::isWritable --  Returns true if file can be written
DirectoryIterator::key --  Return current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::next --  Move to next entry
DirectoryIterator::rewind --  Rewind dir back to the start
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::hasChildren --  Returns whether current entry is a directory and not '.' or '..'
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::key --  Return path and filename of current dir entry
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::next --  Move to next entry
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::rewind --  Rewind dir back to the start